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    How we work

    Step 1: Detailing briefing to understand the hiring need

    The first step in any successful search is a detailed briefing. We aim to do this in person if possible. Through asking the right questions, we really get to know your organisation, corporate culture, your competitors and positioning in the market, the unique challenges you face and the future opportunities, and of course your specific hiring needs and requirements.

    Step 2: Propose a tailored solution

    Based on the the complexity of the search, level of urgency, availability of the specific skills and experience in the candidate market place, we propose a tailored approach that best fits your hiring needs.

    Step 3: In-depth research of the market

    Once the search is agreed, we begin the research stage, which involves in-depth research of your market and your competitors and we conduct a ‘market-mapping’ exercise, where we develop a full picture of the types and names of organisations where relevant talent can be found.

    Step 4: Identify suitable talent with the right skills and experience

    We use a combination of targeted headhunting, referrals through our extensive global network developed over 10 years, strategic advertising campaigns and our database to identify the best candidates in the market with the right skills, experience, qualifications, and values for your organisation.

    Step 5: Candidate Attraction

    We always go into the market fully equipped with the correct knowledge and understanding of your business and the key features of the opportunity, both short and long-term, so we can get candidates really excited about the prospect of working for your organisation.

    Step 6: Manage the entire recruitment process

    We help you manage the entire recruitment process, including arranging interviews, providing useful candidate insights and feedback after interviews, managing counter offers, offer management and post-offer support.